Which Laser Hair Removal Machine is Best for Clinics?

The Ruby laser was the first laser hair removal system to be released on the market. Developed in 1960, it emits a red beam with a wavelength of 694 nm that targets melanin (brown pigment) found in the hair follicle. This laser works best on pale skin and dark hair, but it is not effective on lighter hair (blond, red or gray). Due to its high absorption rate of melanin, it is not safe to use on darker skin as it can cause depigmentation.

Additionally, Ruby has a slow repetition rate, meaning that laser treatments require significantly longer treatment times than other hair removal systems. As such, it is suitable only for small areas of the skin. IPL stands for “intense pulsed light” and is frequently used in aesthetics to remove unwanted hair. This device uses an intense, visible, broad-spectrum pulse or flash of light that targets melanin in the hair to cause destruction of the follicle. IPL shares some similarities with laser treatments, since both use light to heat and damage their targets.

Good candidates for IPL hair removal have pale skin and dark hair. However, IPL is not safe for tanned skin because it uses broad-spectrum light that targets all types of skin structures, unlike laser which focuses on concentrating heat on the follicles. IPL also has a slow coverage rate and a bulky handpiece, so it's rarely used for hair removal. The Alexandrite laser hair removal system is the most used laser on the market because it is very fast and extremely effective. Alexandrite (“Alex” for short) can provide rapid treatments on large areas of the body surface due to fast laser pulse repetition rates and larger treatment spot sizes.

Alex is more effective and safer in patients with light to olive colored skin because of the effectiveness with which the laser acts on the brown pigment. The laser pulses are fast, which may create a little more discomfort for the patient, but it's still very popular because treatment times are much faster. The newest Alexandrite devices have integrated cooling systems to reduce discomfort and improve the patient experience. Unfortunately, due to the strength of the laser against brown colors, the Alexandrite laser cannot be used on dark skin tones because it will cause burns, depigmentation and scarring. Laser hair removal treatments use lasers to deliver low-level laser energy to hair follicles.

The pigment in the treated hair will absorb this energy, effectively killing growing hair which will eventually fall out. This safe and specific procedure offers patients many months and up to a year of hair-free results on treated areas. Natural Radiance Spa offers laser hair removal in Chicago. For all laser hair reduction sessions, their estheticians use Gentle Yag equipment to treat any type of skin. They recommend that clients undergo six to 10 laser treatment sessions and that retouching be done to treat accelerated hair growth due to age or vitamin intake.

Natural Radiance Spa also offers other skin services such as Botox, fillers, and intravenous drip therapies as well as advanced skin care treatments like chemical peels and microneedling. Enfuse Medical Spa & Hair Restoration is an aesthetic company that serves people in the Chicago area. Catara is a full-service medical spa that offers aesthetic treatments including laser hair removal to clients in Chicago and nearby locations. The clinic's laser hair reduction service requires an initial consultation to adapt the procedure according to the needs and conditions of each client. However, your doctor will recommend that you avoid excessive sun exposure for about six weeks before and after your laser hair removal treatment. If you frequently suffer from internal hair somewhere on your body, laser hair removal can be an effective way to prevent them from forming.

VITAHL Chicago has chosen two of the best lasers in its class to provide high-quality, consistent and safe results to its patients. Other services include treating acne scars, hair loss, hyperpigmentation, seasonal allergies as well as airbrush tanning and manicures. The Elysion Pro laser is an 810 nm laser system which is safe for all skin types, easy to operate, portable and has a low purchase cost compared to other lasers. It is also one of the most effective professional laser hair removal equipment available today as it removes hair from a wide variety of areas such as chin, back, armpits, legs and bikini areas. The procedure is non-invasive as it safely targets only hairs during treatment; can treat large areas of skin quickly; and provides consistent quality results.

However, it is more appropriate for skin types 1, 2 and 3 and is an extremely effective laser wavelength for hair removal. A diode laser is the preferred choice for professional laser hair removal compared to a fiber delivery laser.