The Most Effective Laser Hair Removal Machines for Clinics

The most effective professional laser hair removal equipment for clinics is the Elysion Pro Diode laser. This laser wavelength is the most powerful because it provides superior beam technology and laser hair removal treatments for all skin types. Lighter hair, such as blond or gray hair, may be more challenging to treat with laser hair removal due to the limited amount of pigment in the hair. Therefore, certain laser hair removal technologies are not as successful at detecting and destroying lighter hair follicles.

The two best laser hair removal machines for fair and blond hair include the GentleMax Pro, which utilizes Alexandrite 755nm technology. This technology has been proven to be highly successful in permanently removing lighter colored hairs. It is a popular choice for treating large areas of the body in people with light to olive skin tones and both light and medium hair types. It is important to note that while laser hair removal is certainly effective in making unwanted hair fall out, it is too early to know if it is as successful in preventing them from growing back.

Most other household devices usually use IPL technology, which does not always target the hair follicle as accurately as the wavelength of the diode. The 810 nm diode laser emits short and long wavelength lights during treatment to treat blond and medium hair on light to medium colored skin. When selecting a professional laser hair removal machine, it is essential to consider the cost of the machine as well as what it offers for its price. It is also important to receive treatments from a specialized laser technician so as not to run the risk of causing damage or hyperpigmentation to the skin. Fortunately, new technology has eliminated those problems, and advances in the laser field allow professional hair removal machines to treat all skin types. Alexandrite (“Alex”) can provide rapid treatments over large areas of the body surface thanks to the fast repetition rates of the laser pulse and the larger sizes of the treatment points.

Whether you want to treat the legs, armpits, or the bikini area, laser hair removal is effective anywhere on the body. When researching which laser hair removal machine is right for your clinic, an important factor to consider is having a reliable aftercare service. People can use homemade laser hair removal on the bikini line, but it's not recommended for the genital area. The GentleMax Pro is an excellent choice for anyone looking to efficiently remove unwanted body hair without experiencing discomfort.